OrganicDunn's Smoked Irish Organic fish products


As Organic is becoming more and more important to consumers Dunns have developed several Smoked Irish Organic fish products.
We now produce Smoked Irish Organic Salmon in several pack sizes and have just recently introduced Smoked Irish Organic Trout.

So makes a salmon organic?
Generally what makes a Farmed Salmon organic is its environment and its feed.

All of our Organic Farmed Salmon come from off the west coast of Ireland.
The high tidal exchange rate and high energy wave climate which characterise the high seas site where the farm is situated ensures that pristine new water continually flushes through the cages and prevents accumulation of parasites and pollutants. These unique site characteristics give the flesh taste and texture attributes which are recognized by the EU registered Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).  All farm sites are subject to annual environmental audit (water quality and seabed) to ensure environmental sustainability.

Stocking densities are limited to a maximum of 1% fish 99% seawater, with the average being only 0.5% fish 99.5% water. This effectively means that every two fish share 1,000 litres of pure seawater. 

Organic Cod Fillet Organic Sea Trout Organic Salmon
Organic Cod Fillet Organic Sea Trout Organic Salmon

Organic Standards for salmon require farming conditions to be as close as possible to nature, having regard for, food safety, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.

Organic TrustDunns certified by:
Organic Trust

Organic fish are fed a diet containing:

  • Organic Approved Fish Oil                  
  • Organic Certified Wheat           
  • Organic Certified Full Fat Soya             
  • Organic Approved Phaffia Yeast
  • Vitamins/ Minerals/Antioxidants
  • Natural Herbs  
  • Fish meal and oil are from by-products of fish caught from sustainable fishery species intended for human consumption, caught off the Irish northwest Atlantic away from sources of chemical and radioactive pollution; industrial caught species are not allowed. Phaffia yeast is used as a natural source of astaxanthin pigment. Total vegetable proportion of diet is at 28-30% to help reduce pressure on the wild fishery resource


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