Smoking process

Our smoking process has been handed down from generation to generation since 1822. We use the most traditional methods.

Our fillets of salmon are cured using only salt. Each fillet is hand salted and left to cure for a number of hours..  The amount of time the salmon is salted for is dependent on the size of the fish.  The purpose of curing the salmon is to preserve the salmon, to draw out moisture and to add to the taste.

After curing each individual fillet is washed and left to dry before smoking.

All of our smoked salmon is smoked using only 100% Oak Wood Chippings. We believe that Oak gives the salmon a truly delightful flavour. More so than any other woods.  Each fillet is cold smoked at 27°C. 

After smoking all of our fillets are left to mature for minimum time to ensure the flavour develops.

Once the fish has matured sufficiently, we then hand trim each fillet. Unwanted pieces are removed. Each side is then sliced and vacuum packed.


We combine modern processing techniques and equipment with this age old recipe and process. After a taste we’re sure you’ll agree that the old ways are still the best.

Hot Peppered Smoked Salmon
Hot Peppered Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Darn
Smoked Salmon Darn

Smoked Mackrel
Smoked Mackrel



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